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Tibetan Singing Bowls:



                                           "I am master of sounds,

                                                through sound I can kill that lives and

                                                     bring back to life what is dead"

                                                                                        ---- Ancient Tibetan saying. 


 These exotic and Unique Tibetan Singing Bowls are used for meditation and healing, musical instruments and art of object. Traditionally, Tibetan practitioners use the singing bowls for Buddhist Rituals for heightening spiritual awareness, clearing force fields, balancing energy, healing and meditation. These singing bowls are hand made in Nepal with seven different metals including Gold - the Sun, Silver - the Moon, Brass - Mercury, Copper - Venus, Iron -Mars, Nickle - Jupiter and Zinc - Saturn. It is believed that these metals have healing energy, because these metals are mined directly from the Mother Earth. Singing Bowls are found in many different grades and quality. We carry the best singing bowls with purest quality of sound which are personally hand picked and individually sound checked. Our singing bowls are made to reach the "American Standard of Quality". Way much better than the Commercial singing bowls you find in the market. Check Out and Compare! We also carry some old singing bowls, but most are newly made in Nepal. The newly made singing bowls have very harmonic sound with Chakra tones and are tuned by sound specialists. Most of the bowls have awesome hand carved Buddhist symbols and designs. Each singing bowl comes with a wooden mallet to make sound and practice. To purchase a good singing bowl is wise investment as you can enjoy, treasure for ever and also pass to the next generation with peace in mind.                                                                


Yuthok Tibetan Treasure & Family