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Tibetan Rugs:

Tibetan Rugs: Tibetan Rugs have a long and rich traditional history in Tibet. The ways Tibetan rugs are woven and used are very different from others. The Tibetans use a different knotting technique which is never found anywhere in the world. Tibetan rugs are woven in three knotting density categories such as 60 knots, 80 knots and 100 knots per square inch.The less knots per square inch use thicker yarn and feels thicker. The more knots per square inch use thinner or fine yarn which obviously feels thinner. The traditionalism of Tibetan rug is now almost gone. The mass production of Tibetan rugs in the factories with vast collection of colors, modern designs and huge sizes have made the traditional Tibetan rugs woven in the homes are being the victim of survival. Traditional Tibetan rugs are usually found only in 3' x 6' bed size, 2' x 6' runners, 2' x 3' meditation rugs and horse saddle blankets. We carry a small selection of traditional Tibetan rugs with traditional Tibetan designs and color combinations which we usually purchase directly from the Tibetan people who make the rugs in their homes in refugee settlements in Nepal where they live for many years. I myself and the family used to live in one of these Tibetan refugee settlements in Nepal for more than 40 years and made the best Tibetan rugs in the Country. Now as we live in this great Country, the United States of America, we try to give some business back to our communities in Nepal as gester of support.