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I, Thutop Yuthok a native Tibetan who started out in life as a pastoral nomad in Tibet. My family used to live in Yak wool tent, herding yaks, horses and sheep just like our ancestors had done for thousands of years with great freedom and happiness. I was six years old in 1959 when the Communist China brutally invaded my homeland. More than 1.2 million fellow Tibetans died and more than six thousand Buddhist monasteries and temples were destroyed by the Communist China's military.

My family evaded Chinese troops for almost a year and then walked down to a refugee camp in Pokhara, Nepal. I went to school in the refugee camp and learned English from some of the first Peace Corps Volunteers sent aboard in early 1960s. For a time I earned my living as a trekking guide and then learned the Jewelry & Crafts Trade. I also served as an active Social Worker for many years in the refugee camp where I lived in Nepal.

In 2001, I ended up my life journey here in USA and re-established my family owned and operated Jewelry & Crafts Business. I, my wife Tsepal and daughter Tenzin Yeshe design and make various beaded jewelry of semi-precious, healing and birth stones in traditional Tibetan designs and modern styles. We also carry large collection of Fair Trade, Unique & hand-made Tibetan jewelry, crafts, Buddhist artifacts and Tibetan rugs hand-made by Tibetan and Nepali artisans in Nepal.

My ambition is not limited to expand business, but also to develop socially motivated environment to help needy people and communities. I purchase more of these products direct from the Tibetan and Nepali artisans in Nepal to support them. A portion of my profit is donated to few social welfare organizations.