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Tibetan Buddhist Malas.


Tibetan Buddhist Malas or prayer beads are very popular in the Buddhist commuinties as well as all around the world with different faith and believes. Traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads or mala has to have 108 beads in one string of mala. According to Tibetan Buddhist Culture, as long as the prayer beads are not made with plastic is good for use for prayers. Obviously, more valued or expensive prayer beads are more special and may be more powerful for prayers.

For example: Lapis Lazuli prayer beads are used for Medicine Buddha Practice, Turquoise prayer beads for Tara Practice and so forth.

These days many young and teen agers use these malas as decorations and as fashion. So all these aspects in mind, I and my family design and make various beads malas for all kinds of uses and choices. Check out some of these nice and ornated malas we make and carry.