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Tibetan Prayer flags:

Tibetan Prayer Flags: According to Tibetan traditional culture, as prayer flags are hung in the high wind, the prayers are flown in the high air to benefit all. The five different colors represents five elements which has significant of energy and power.                                   

You may print or purchase any kind of prayers on the prayer flags for various purposes. Generally most Tibetans use Tara prayers for Peace and Prosperity, Gyaltsen Tsemo for Good Luck, Guru Rinpoche prayers for Protection and Lungta for Clearance for obstacle, etc. Nowadays, you may also find prayer flags with prayers for PEACE, PROSPERITY, COMPASSION, PURIFICATION and KNOWLEDGE. Whenever you host new prayer flags, no matter what prayers there may be, your concept and motivation is the most important and may effect the most. If you pray for Peace, Prosperity, Eliminate Obstacles and Benefit to ALL, then your prayers are Universal and have greater effect. According to Tibetan astrology, there are certain dates not recommended or in-auspicious to host new prayer flags which is called "Bhaden". Here are the "Bhaden" dates for 2012 - 2013. March 26. April 7, 19, 25. May 7, 18, 23, 24. June 4, 29. July 10, 25. August 6. September 1, 14, 28. October 10, 24. November 6, 20. December 2, 16, 29. January 24. February 5.